Ireland Self cateringAnnalise White (Edinburgh): “Roomy, fresh, comfortable really enjoyed my stay”

Angelina Gallagher (London): “Very Relaxing, comfortable beds, really enjoyed my stay”

Nathan Baichet (France):  ” Really amazing place, really enjoyed our stay, thanks for everything”

Mick O’Neill (London): “Perfect House for Christmas, will be back”

Talking Shop Ensemble (Dublin): “Thanks very much, it was beautiful”

Cathy Sheridan (Sligo): “Very nice place, friendly people really enjoyed it”

Self Catering Laois

The Butt Family (England): “Extremely Comfortable & Homely, Thanks you xxx”

Terrol Guyah, Carie Burtner (Florida): “Wonderful Place ! Everything we needed was provided !! Thank You !!”

Duncan Watson (Scotland): “Grand place, comfy, peaceful, Ann was lovely and helpful. cheers”


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